just another saturday造句


  1. For others, it's just another Saturday night in Reno.
  2. It's just another Saturday night on Cops, Fox's gritty reality series.
  3. It's just another Saturday at the Sanders Farm Stand, one of the most unusual produce markets in the South.
  4. "It's going to be obvious that isn't just another Saturday night before a race ."
  5. It was later reprinted in a mass-market edition as " Just Another Saturday Night " ( October 1998 ).
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  7. It was just another Saturday night robbery and murder, or so it seemed, at least to anyone who caught the few paragraphs that it rated in the Alabama newspapers.
  8. "' Detective John Hartigan "'is a major protagonist in the " Sin City " series of graphic novels, written by Just Another Saturday Night ".
  9. After Saturday morning's practice outside Lamade Stadium, he was chatting it up with parents, well-wishers and reporters as if it was just another Saturday afternoon at the Little League field.
  10. The 2014 film, " Sin City : A Dame to Kill For " is partly based on the graphic novel along with " Just Another Saturday Night " and two original segments written by Miller for the film.
  11. One of the smaller plots of the film is based on the short story " Just Another Saturday Night, " which is collected in " Booze, Broads, & Bullets, " the sixth book in the comic series.
  12. He was advised to try writing a television play about this and the result was " Just Another Saturday ", which McDougall wrote in secret and hid even from his first wife, a teacher nearly a decade his senior.
  13. ""'Just Another Saturday " "'is a " Play For Today " ( BBC ) about the Orange walk culture transmitted 7 November 1975 on John Mackenzie and stars Jon Morrison and Billy Connolly.
  14. "Just Another Saturday Night " was first published in " Sin City # 1 / 2 " ( August 1997 ), a limited mail-in comic available only through a special offer in " Wizard " # 73.
  15. Take away the video screen and music and it might be just another Saturday night in a Christian campground tradition that goes back decades _ except the woman leading the song has no clothes on, her husband wears only a T-shirt and all the others are similarly undressed.
  16. McCallum first appeared in Glasgow drama Just Another Saturday in November 1975, before gaining her first major soap role was in " Garnock Way " playing Jean Ross from 1976 to 1979, before starring as Isabel Blair in " Take the High Road " from 1980 to 2003.
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