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  1. Director of legal aid , mr benjamin cheung ( centre ) and acting assistant directorpolicy and development , mr thomas kwong ( first from right ) took a group photograph with officials of the shenzhen municipal justice bureau after their visit to the department on october 10
    部門動向深圳市法律援助處處長朱向坡(左一) 、司法局副局長李梅(左二)及司法局局長李英才(右二)于十月十日到本署訪問后,與署長張景文(中)及署理助理署長政策及發展鄺寶昌(右一)合照。
  2. Jin jiulong , partner , who graduated from the law school of peking university , was once deputy director of the justice bureau of guangzhou , director of china law society , standing director of law society of guangdong province , standing vice president of guangzhou law society and guest professor of china university of politics and law
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