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  1. Research on key blocks in the surrounding rock mass of underground powerhouse , the three gorges project
  2. Key to the control key mobile a key punches , s key light legs , d . key heavy legs , w key block
    方向鍵的鍵控制移動, a鍵拳, s鍵輕腿, d鍵重腿, w鍵擋。
  3. In this paper , a primary discussion is carried out on the limitation above mentioned and a method to determine the specific locus of key blocks is given
  4. So , many key blocks obtained from this theory aren ' t true because the length of discontinuous surface is limited and the specific locus can ' t be determined
  5. The above analysis shows some results as follows : generally the discontinuities including bedding planes are favor to the stability of slope , which means that most of the slopes will not suffer large sliding failure ; most of the high slopes situated in the interest area are stable . however there are some potential unstable wedges which can be identified based on the key block theory ; some suggestions for reinforcing high slope are presented based on the stability analysis and environmental friendly consideration
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  7. On the basis of appraising a traditional method , the method of the stereographic projection and proportionally stereographic projection of a solid volume , this paper has introduced such methods as determination of dominant discontinuities , kinematic tests for rock - mass failure modes , geometrical judgment of a removable block , and determination of a key block , extending perfecting the traditional method , and thus making it has better suitability or availability and practicality
  8. As the key block of the wireless communication transmitter in rf , it is very useful in improving the output power and efficiency , lowering the loss of the supply , lowering the size and the weight , lengthening the time of communication . class e power amplifier which is suitable to amplify envelop signal is very important in modern communication system
    功率放大器( pa )作為無線通信射頻發射機中不可缺少的關鍵電路,對于提高手機的功率效率、降低電源損耗、減小體積重量、延長通話時間有著舉足輕重的作用,而適用于恒包絡信號放大的e類功率放大器,更是在現代通信系統中占有十分重要的地位。


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