1. However, he says his real name is Kunibert Sturm  and Zev himself is Otto Wallisch.
  2. The destruction of 95 % of the city centre, including the famous St . Kunibert was finished.
  3. "Forecasts for 1996 are very difficult, " said Kunibert Schmidt, head of the association's economics section.
  4. Two other early writers relevant to dependency theory were Fran鏾is Perroux and Keith Griffin, Kunibert Raffer, Paul Israel Singer, and Osvaldo Sunkel.
  5. Gradaa evi stayed in the city for two months, during which his health deteriorated ( as was documented by local doctor Bartolomeo Kunibert ).
  6. It's difficult to find kunibert in a sentence. 用kunibert造句挺難的
  7. The children could have been adopted " 10 times over " by German families, said St . Elisabeth's director Kunibert Stitz.
  8. A year later, Gradaa evi was mentioned by Kunibert in his works on the first Serbian Uprising, which painted a positive picture of Gradaa evi as a tragic hero.
  9. "I don't see a new auto plant being built in Germany for the foreseeable future, " said Kunibert Schmidt, general secretary of the Association of German Automakers, the main industry group.
  10. The growth in new car registrations, which includes imports, depends on consumers'confidence in the economy as government-promised tax reform takes effect, said Kunibert Schmidt, head of the association's economics section.
  11. He has often been confused with his uncle of the same name, one of the most learned jurists of the 15th century, who was for some time provost of St . Kunibert's at Cologne, and who died in 1439.
  12. World-systems thinkers include Samir Amin, Giovanni Arrighi, Andre Gunder Frank, and Immanuel Wallerstein, with major contributions by Christopher Chase-Dunn, Beverly Silver, Volker Bornschier, Janet Abu Lughod, Thomas D . Hall, Kunibert Raffer, Theotonio dos Santos, Dale Tomich, Jason W . More and others.


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