la vibora造句

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  1. The Prince of Peace Church, an Assemblies of God outpost in Havana's La Vibora neighborhood, has 1, 100 members.
  2. Ms . Alvarez, who grew up in La Vibora, a middle-class neighborhood in Havana, does not expect the team to be dining at her restaurant.
  3. Major peaks include Pe馻 Colorada, La Vibora, la Tezontlera, La Cantera and La Malinche, with the last two part of a small range called the Nixcongo.
  4. Isabel lives with an invalid brother and several of her younger children in a two-room apartment down a narrow alleyway in the section of Havana known as La Vibora.
  5. At  Los Cascabeles and the neighboring community she becomes known to all as  La Vibora ", Spanish for viper or snake, due to her implacable and cold-hearted personality.
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  7. He did his primary and secondary studies with the Marist Brothers at La Vibora, a suburb of Havana and then immigrated to Puerto Rico where he received a doctorate in Electrical Engineering.
  8. Champagnat Catholic School started under the auspices of the Marist Brothers due to Dr . Alonso's previous years as principal of the Champagnat elementary in La Vibora, Cuba and later on the Champagnat high school in Cienfuegos, Cuba.


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