lamp box造句


  1. Prior to this all Lamp boxes used the smaller style tab.
  2. The original pattern of lamp box was produced from 1896 to circa 1935.
  3. It is interesting to note that although the lamp boxes were made by the same foundry as the Victorian ciphered pillar boxes, the ciphers differ slightly.
  4. Lamp boxes were introduced on an experimental basis in September 1896, being used in parts of London as an inexpensive means of supplementing the existing Pillar box network.
  5. Mail may also be deposited in lamp boxes or wall boxes that serve the same purpose as pillar boxes but are attached to a post or set into a wall.
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  7. Collection plates are available in a variety of sizes to fit the various styles of post box in use in Commonwealth countries, principally pillar boxes, wall boxes and lamp boxes.


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