later word造句


  1. The latest word is that a divorce has already been arranged.
  2. "The latest word is that they're trying.
  3. The latest word from scientists : He may have a point.
  4. No doubt white nationalists found Lott's latest words encouraging.
  5. That's the latest word on the Diamondbacks'medical front.
  6. It's difficult to find later word in a sentence. 用later word造句挺難的
  7. The latest word is that the shark footage will be created by computers.
  8. Two days later word came that Governor Saunders had sent two large cannon.
  9. The latest word Friday in Gente was that a wedding is set for June.
  10. Most of their shows at night are up on the latest words, no diggity.
  11. For the latest word on the wildflower show, call 619-767-4684.
  12. Latest word on Notre Dame and the Big Ten : The Irish remain an independent.
  13. The latest word in protection is melanin.
  14. Iraqis stood in the streets poring over newspapers for the latest word on the standoff.
  15. But there's also no doubt about the latest word from Washington : diplomacy.
  16. The latest word in spy planes?
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