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  1. Tuoba Gui, fearful of the Later Yan captives, slaughtered them.
  2. The battle reversed the power relations between Later Yan and Northern Wei.
  3. Tuoba Gui then gave chase and crushed Later Yan forces at Canhe Slope.
  4. This led to friction between the brothers, and the Later Yan forces withdrew.
  5. He was initially a vassal of Later Yan.
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  7. In 395, Tuoba Gui led raids against Later Yan's border regions.
  8. Western Yan was at its end, and its territory was annexed to Later Yan.
  9. She was the youngest daughter of the Later Yan emperor Murong Bao ( Emperor Huimin ).
  10. In 388, after he had established Later Yan, he posthumously honored her as Empress Chengzhao.
  11. A 387 joint operation between Northern Wei and Later Yan finally crushed Liu Xian's power.
  12. In his western campaigns, he defeated the Xianbei of the Later Yan empire and conquered the Liaodong peninsula,
  13. Tuoba Gui refused and broke off relations with Later Yan, instead entering into an alliance with Western Yan.
  14. Later that year, Murong Sheng overthrew Lan Han in a coup and restored Later Yan as its emperor.
  15. In 402, Gwanggaeto retaliated and conquered the prominent fortress called ?[ 蛶蜽 near the capital of Later Yan.
  16. Tuoba Gu, meanwhile, was kept under detention by Later Yan, albeit treated as an honored guest otherwise.
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