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  1. Limiting lateral acceleration test
  2. However , since the " line of sight " to the target is in motion , the missiles must develop a continuous lateral acceleration to stay on the beam
  3. Dynamic performance control switches power between the left and right rear wheels to stabilise the vehicle within milliseconds and help increase traction and lateral acceleration
  4. Based on the analysis of the lateral acceleration data of vehicles measured in shanghai metro lin , this paper suggests that the lateral oscillation force of the vehicles shall choose 10 % of the vertical load on a single wheel
    摘要根據鐵路車輛及上海軌道交通3號線上實測車輛橫向加速度值,建議橫向搖擺力取軸重的10 % ,按目前承軌合構造,車輛偶然脫軌后可能橫向偏移左右各1 . 75m 。
  5. Whereas , vdsc operates on physical limits of large vehicle slip angle and lateral acceleration , and enhances vehicle lateral stability by utilizing the additional yaw moment produced by different adhesion forces acted on the right and left side wheels
  6. It's difficult to find lateral acceleration in a sentence. 用lateral acceleration造句挺難的
  7. The loop simulation model of driver - vehicle - road system considering vehicle dynamic response is established on the basis of the 3dof model , sk model which is usually used in road alignment design and optimal preview lateral acceleration model proposed by guo konghui , and the solution is also proposed
  8. The vibration source identification was realized in this paper by analyzing and comparing the train ’ s and the bogie ’ s lateral acceleration . the proposed method can divide into four steps : first adopting the acceleration ’ s peak - peak value entropy comparison method , second peak - peak value cross correlation comparison method , third peak - peak value weight center position comparison method , and the last adopting peak - peak value max - value position comparison method , if still unidentified refuse it
  9. The principal needs of realization on strategic inertial accelerometer are large measurement range ( higher than 70g ) and high stability . in this paper aimed at a most basic and typical " sandwich " structure with easy realization in techniques , the system of micromachined electrostatic servo - accelerometer is analyzed in detail on static and dynamic state , mainly including : the influence on the z - component of the center of mass , lateral accelerations disturbance and the applied bias voltage on the stability of the sensor
    戰略慣導加速度計實用化的首要條件是大量程( 70g以上)和高穩定性,本文針對一種最基本、最為典型和工藝上較易實現的“三明治”結構,從靜態和動態兩方面對電容式微機械靜電伺服加速度計系統進行了詳細分析。
  10. The results of simulation show that , compared to the passive suspension system with optimal damping , using continuous damping control rules , the rms values of lateral response acceleration car body can be reduced 20 % to 25 % , maximum values ( 3er ) of lateral acceleration can be reduced 40 % to 50 % , the ride comfort index can be reduced 10 % to 15 %
    結果數據表明,與阻尼最優的被動懸掛相比,采用連續型阻尼控制策略,車體橫向加速度響應的均方根值能降低20 - 25 ,加速度最大值能降低約40 - 50 ,橫向平穩性指標降低約10 - 15 。
  11. Comparing and analyzing the experiment results , it is shown that : on the low adhesion road - control should be the primary as it can decrease the large side - slip angle ; on the high adhesion road - control is the best choice because it can restrain the oversized lateral acceleration ; on the mid - adhesion road , the right control strategy should be identified by the vehicle responses


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