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  1. This research contributed greatly to understanding the lateralization of brain function.
  2. His research on the localization of speech led to entirely new research into the lateralization of brain function.
  3. Understanding lateralization of brain function is important for understanding what areas of the brain cause expressive aphasia when damaged.
  4. This hypothesis relies heavily on the theory of lateralization of brain function, or left brain vs . right brain theory.
  5. The "'lateralization of brain function "'refers to how some neural functions, or hemisphere than the other.
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  7. Lateralization of brain structures is based on general trends expressed in healthy patients; however, there are numerous counterexamples to each generalization.
  8. Left brain interpretation is a case of the lateralization of brain function that applies to " explanation generation " rather than other lateralized activities.
  9. Lateralization of brain function exists in the cortex, with the processing of speech in the left cerebral hemisphere and environmental sounds in the right hemisphere of the auditory cortex.
  10. :Try Lateralization of brain function # History of research on lateralization . & # 8213; & # 9742; 23 : 31, 14 January 2015 ( UTC)
  11. He stressed the importance of the asymmetric lateralization of brain function in the development of language, and deplored the fads relating to ambidexterity advocated by ( among others ) Robert Baden-Powell.
  12. As for left vs . right, it depends on a number of things, included handedness, see Lateralization of brain function .-- talk ) 16 : 34, 3 February 2008 ( UTC)
  13. :Take a look at music-related memory, artistic inspiration, creativity, sleep and creativity, lateralization of brain function, reading comprehension, and imagination . ~ U ) 01 : 02, 22 August 2010 ( UTC)
  14. Despite his social isolation, Watson showed a remarkable command of the scientific questions of the day, including the importance of statistical methods in scientific enquiry, the asymmetric lateralization of brain function and the transmutation of species ( evolutionary theory ).
  15. :: While Lateralization of brain function is a real thing ( certain tasks predominate in certain areas of the brain ) the whole " artsy people are right-brained and scientific people are left-brained " is mostly pseudoscientific bull crap.
  16. In " Escaping the progress trap ", O'Leary finds that, besides vested interests and socioeconomic compliance, behavior is a significant contributing factor and can be identified in terms of new information from the neurosciences, notably lateralization of brain function.
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