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  1. Their early records were recorded at Strip Studios by close friend and label mate Claus Larsen of Leaether Strip.
  2. In September 2007, Trisomie 21 were signed to Belgian label Alfa Matrix where they joined acts such as Front 242, Leaether Strip, Anne Clark and Mentallo and the Fixer.
  3. Guests have included, Leaether Strip, ? GRUMH . . ., Plastic Noise Experience, DJ Rexx Arkana, Kenji Siratori, Implant and Deranged Psyche from Nebula-H.
  4. Each re-release will have both the fully remastered version of the original album on disc 1 and on the second disc, a totally re-written and reinterpretation of some selected songs from the original album by Leaether Strip himself re-recorded with current technologies.
  5. Via a video teaser on YouTube Claus Larsen announced that the first Leaether Strip album "'The Pleasure Of Penetration "'would be re-released as a remastered double CD set on November 13, 2007, Claus Larsen's birthday, under the title "'Retention n? " '.
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  7. In a post to his MySpace blog made in late November 2008, Larsen announced his intention to develop a live show for a small run of exclusive engagements in 2009 . Two shows took place in Denmark in April 2009, and Leaether Strip has been confirmed to perform at the Power Strip Festival in the USA and the Amphi Festival in Germany during Summer 2009.


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