leaf anatomy造句


  1. In 1995 Buijsen published a leaf anatomy study.
  2. Taxonomists divided " Podocarpus " species into eight categories based on leaf anatomy : " Afrocarpus"
  3. CAM plants have a different leaf anatomy from plants, and fix the at night, when their stomata are open.
  4. Both of these relatives are African, share an unusual leaf anatomy, and have linear leaves that are often folded.
  5. The tribe Oryzeae is in subfamily Ehrhartoideae, a group of Poaceae tribes with certain features of internal leaf anatomy in common.
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  7. The plants often possess a characteristic leaf anatomy called " kranz anatomy ", from the German word for wreath.
  8. A few " Atriplex " species are C 4-plants, with a characteristic leaf anatomy ( kranz anatomy ).
  9. According to its most recent description, the genus is defined by its three types of C 4 " kochioid " leaf anatomy.
  10. The more efficient C-4 photosynthesis in land plants depends on a specialized Kranz ( German for wreath ) leaf anatomy History of C3 : C4 photosynthesis research first described by Gottlieb Haberlandt in 1904
  11. "' Leaf Anatomy "': The leaves of all species are built on a dorsiventral arrangement of cells, with the epidermis and palisade layer on the adaxial surface and the spongy tissue on the abaxial surface.
  12. The genus was elevated to family status, previously by Sreemadhavan 1976 and 1977 on the basis of leaf anatomy and anther morphology, and more recently by Wortley " et al . " 2005 and 2007, based on phylogenetic analyses of genetic material.
  13. It was previously placed in Section Lophiris because of a crest-like ridge in signal area, but Wu & Cutler " Taxonomic, evolutionary and ecological implications of the leaf anatomy of rhizomatous Iris species " in the Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society Vol . 90 page253  303 in 1985, showed that the iris should be within the Chinensis Series.


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