lean against the wall造句

"lean against the wall"是什麽意思   


  1. His rifle with the bayonet fixed was leaning against the wall .
  2. Kincaid sat at a small, plain table. bloggs leaned against the wall .
  3. Leaning against the wall behind her stood job, apparently uninjured, but bruised and trembling .
  4. Then he stood leaning against the wall unable to speak
  5. There is a ladder leaning against the wall
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  7. She leaned against the wall for support
  8. He stood leaning against the wall , unable to speak
  9. She came and leaned against the wall again ; she was profoundly interested
  10. I am leaning against the wall
  11. Seeing that she had no way out , she leaned against the wall to avoid being hurt by falling pieces and recited the holy names , hoping that her death would not be too ugly
  12. As the gaoler made a general inspection of these objects , and of the four walls , before going out , a wandering fancy wandered through the mind of the prisoner leaning against the wall opposite
  13. But when i heard the doorbell , at around nine o clock , they all came together in one emotion so powerful that , as i went to open the door , i was obliged to lean against the wall to prevent myself falling
  14. Men were busy planting masts in the sockets , while others went and took frames which were leaning against the walls of the stage and proceeded to lash them with strong cords to the poles already in position
  15. After breakfast , i directly undress all of my clothes , wrapped me with the cotton quilt , just stretched out two hands from the broken holes of my quilt , and hold a book , leaned against the wall on which mud had been dropped
  16. The murdered man lay on the floor , his head leaning against the wall , and about him was a pool of blood which poured forth from three large wounds in his breast ; there was a fourth gash , in which a long table knife was plunged up to the handle
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