lean and mean造句

"lean and mean"是什麽意思   


  1. but it is a very lean and mean cpu, in my opinion
  2. part 3 making your schedule lean and mean
  3. out for blood, we're lean and mean
  4. cutting out the fat, becoming lean and mean, are now commercial goals
  5. gregory : this reorganization and the new company policies will make us leaner and meaner . are the new employee contracts ready
  6. It's difficult to find lean and mean in a sentence. 用lean and mean造句挺難的
  7. for more information about adjusting and refining your schedule, see chapters 10 through 13 in part 3, " making your schedule lean and mean .
  8. for information about how to accomplish the tasks on this list, as well as other schedule refinements, read chapters 10 through 13 in part 3, " making your schedule lean and mean .
  9. linus, recognizing that the 2.4 series wasn t performing spectacularly, ripped out linux s problematic vm code and replaced it with a lean and mean vm implementation from andrea archangeli
  10. lean and mean though our structure may be, we have a wide range of responsibilities . we take an active role in explaining monetary and financial developments in hong kong and dispelling misconceptions . we enjoy regular dialogue with academics, economists, rating agencies, and major market players, including commercial banks, investment houses, hedge funds and real money funds


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