lean angle造句


  1. The italic fonts have 11 degree lean angle.
  2. Otherwise, customization can increase the bike's lean angle to enable cornering at higher speeds.
  3. The later K1200 engine is a 1, 157 cc center of mass without reducing maximum lean angles.
  4. This lean of the bike decreases the actual radius of the turn proportionally to the cosine of the lean angle.
  5. The finite width of the tires alters the actual lean angle of the rear frame from the ideal lean angle described above.
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  7. The finite width of the tires alters the actual lean angle of the rear frame from the ideal lean angle described above.
  8. The actual lean angle between the frame and the vertical must increase with tire width and decrease with center of mass height.
  9. The article gives the relationship between the lean angle and the other parameters as tan? = m 2 / ( gr ).
  10. If the tires are only 6 inches wide, then the lean angle increase is only 3.16? just under half.
  11. A slight increase in the lean angle may be required on motorcycles to compensate for the width of modern tires at the same forward speed and turn radius.
  12. If the bike is displaced slightly downwards from its equilibrium lean angle, the torque of gravity increases, that of centrifugal force decreases and the displacement gets amplified.
  13. This made the bike heavier and reduced the available lean angle, while it reduced the amount of vibration transmitted to the frame and the rider, providing a smoother ride for rider and passenger.
  14. If, having reached a given lean angle, the centripetal forces are reduced then the motorcycle increases its angle of lean until it touches the road surface, usually unseating the rider in the process.
  15. In addition to these technical changes, the 2017 R1200RT is now available with optional ABS Pro, which senses lean angle and adjusts intervention accordingly " ( as part of the Ride Modes Pro option package ) ".
  16. In this idealized and linearized model, there are many geometric parameters ( wheelbase, head angle, mass of each body, wheel radius, etc . ), but only four significant variables : lean angle, lean rate, steer angle, and steer rate.
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