lie on the bed造句

"lie on the bed"是什麽意思   


  1. Mary had recovered from her faint and was lying on the bed .
  2. I lay on the bed and reveled in the delightful sensation of living out a long-sought dream .
  3. If she stayed here they would come to her and she would simply lie on the bed and sob out everything .
  4. I just said , " lay on the bed , face down .
    我只是說, "躺在床上,面向下.
  5. Lie on the bed please . i ' ll examine you
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  7. By the time he came she was lying on the bed with an old towel
  8. Kathy lay on the bed and read
  9. She went home and found her child lying on the bed , and the demon gone
  10. The dogs were specially trained to lie on the bed and interact with the patient
  11. Probably just so very silly 睜 the eye lies on the bed , and also all right already
  12. And going back to her home , she found the child lying on the bed , the demon having left
    可7 : 30他就回家去、見小孩子躺在床上、鬼已經出去了。
  13. Do you still remember those days when we all lay on the bed in the dormitory and shot the bull
  14. They had gone into the house while he was lying on the bed in his bedroom
  15. Natasha lay on the bed , and in the half - dark room she tried to make out princess maryas face
  16. He was still lying on the bed as before ; but the stern look on his calm face arrested princess marya on the threshold
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