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  1. Little was known about the life of the mountain gorilla before his research, which described its social organization, life history, and ecology.
  2. New technology is giving scientists a window into the life of the mountain lion, a hunter so stealthy that the American Indians called it " the ghost of the Rockies ."
  3. "Skiers may enjoy their sport, " says Ken Rotta, a longtime pro rider and video maker from Jackson Hole, Wyo . " They like the whole ambiance and life of the mountains.
  4. Despite decades of forced collectivization under Stalin and later Soviet leaders, and despite the strong pull of modernity, most people still identify with the life of the mountain shepherd, the horseman, and the nomad whose home is a collapsible felt yurt.
  5. "The Mountain Whippoorwill " is a poem written by Stephen Vincent Benet about a fiddling contest, won by Hillbilly Jim, who refers to his fiddle as a whip-poor-will and identifies the bird with the lonely and poor but vibrant life of the mountain people.
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  7. Through the eyes of these visitors, who have little in common beyond Simmons'decision to include them, the book glimpses the Civil War, the hardships of slaves on Georgia plantations, the spectacle of Union soldiers streaming into Washington after being routed at the Battle of Bull Run, stagecoach travel, the authentic Wild West and the exotic life of the Mountain Man.


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