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  1. One day, her 70-year-old neighbor Osias ( Lima Duarte ) surprises her with a marriage proposal.
  2. After Lima Duarte, the road turns to dirt.
  3. From Rio, take interstate BR-040 toward Belo Horizonte to the BR-267, which heads southwest toward the city of Lima Duarte.
  4. Alternating with these scenes, sheriff Amorim ( Lima Duarte ) and his assistant Telma ( Giulia Gam ) are show investigating the heist.
  5. Lima Duarte, Cassilda Lanuza, Waldir Guedes, Carlos Alberto Romano, Roberto Ferreira ( Z?Coi?), Lenoir Bittencourt, Pontes Santos, Wilson J鷑ior, Francisco Ribeiro.
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  7. Wilker gained acclaim for his role as the protagonist in the soap opera " Roque Santeiro ", starring with Regina Duarte and Lima Duarte.
  8. In Brazil, the character is known as " Manda-Chuva " ( Brazilian Portuguese for " big shot " ) and was voiced by actor Lima Duarte.
  9. Upon her return, she is courted by Osias Linhares ( Lima Duarte ), a wizened old bachelor whose main source of appeal is his modest, well-built house.
  10. From there, take the highway northwest to the city of Caxambu for 55 miles ( 88 kilometers ) before heading east on the BR-267 highway to Lima Duarte.
  11. Featured Jos?Wilker, Tony Ramos, Susana Vieira, Aracy Balabanian, Lima Duarte, Marcos Frota, Nat醠ia do Vale, Tereza Rachel, Vivianne Pasmanter, Cl醬dia Ohana and Yon?Magalh鉫s in leading roles.
  12. She is a woman who knows what she wants and gets it, so when she sees old man Osias'( Lima Duarte ) house, she accepts his offer of marriage.
  13. Cast : Regina Case ( Darlene ), Lima Duarte ( Osias ), Stenio Garcia ( Zezinho ), Luiz Carlos Vasconcelos ( Ciro ) and Nilda Spencer ( Raquel ).
  14. Starring Lima Duarte, Laura Cardoso, Tony Ramos, among others, and directed by Marcos Schechtman, " Caminho das 蚽dias " was the first Brazilian telenovela to win the International Emmy Award.
  15. Featured Gl髍ia Pires, Fernanda Montenegro, Cl醬dia Abreu, Carolina Ferraz, Marcello Antony, Cl醬dia Raia, Reynaldo Gianecchini, Camila Pitanga, Alexandre Borges, Lima Duarte, Irene Ravache and Tony Ramos in the lead roles.
  16. Recognized by the refinement of his work in directing actors and skill with children, Moraes drove names like Telly Savalas, Sarah Jessica Parker, Vera Fischer and Lima Duarte to name a few.
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