local anaesthesias造句

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  1. single-use puncture set for local anaesthesia
  2. conclusion : topical anaesthetic and local anaesthesia can be used effectively for haemorrhoidectomy and provide an alternative to general anaesthesia
  3. microwave coagulation therapy offers reliable and precise local ablation of liver cancer . it can be performed under local anaesthesia . only one to two treatment sessions are required
  4. unlike deep brain stimulation, however, our gene therapy approach is much simpler, can be carried out entirely under local anaesthesia, and avoids leaving any devices in the body, " he said
  5. in the meantime, i initiated the program for the study of sedation, as a result, two theses, namely, the development of the application of sufentanil on sedation or analgesia; the application of sufentanil on local anaesthesia for sedation and analgesia, have been concluded
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