lock a door造句

"lock a door"是什麽意思   


  1. For example, you can lock a door to just non-employees.
  2. "Why would you ever lock a door in a church ? " she asked slowly.
  3. She didn't know how to lock a door.
  4. The principle behind an electromagnetic lock is the use of electromagnetism to lock a door when energized.
  5. I will never be fully free  every time I lock a door I have flashbacks to being in prison ."
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  7. While this may sound obvious, a surprising number of robberies take place in homes where the owner neglected to lock a door.
  8. Guards here and elsewhere say the stress of long hours has made them more prone to errors like forgetting to lock a door or leaving keys or weapons unsecured.
  9. Among Brisbane's effects, Vance finds a book titled " Unsolved Murders "; a bookmarked page details a method of using string to lock a door through the keyhole without leaving a trace.


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