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  1. The rationalist approach ( as seen in the works of economists ) and the historicist approach ( which accepts the function of cause and effect but not logical entailment ) both invite deterministic social explanations.
  2. The operative distinctions between physical and metaphysical cosmology are these : ( 1 ) whereas physical cosmology is about comparing and classifying observed large-scale structures and discussing the physical processes by which they may have originated or evolved, metaphysical cosmology remains true to the original meaning of the term and thus deals primarily with the ontological and epistemological aspects of the cosmos, including the logical entailments of the observation process itself ( e . g ., the Anthropic Principles ); ( 2 ) whereas physical cosmology is an empirical science which relies on the scientific method, metaphysical cosmology relies exclusively on deduction, and is not properly described as empirical science ( although in some cases, it can be described as mathematics ).
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