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  1. Worms, founded by Celts, and the former Lorsch Abbey.
  2. Other landowners were the Lorsch Abbey and the Bishopric of Speyer.
  3. In 915 she chose Lorsch Abbey as her burial place.
  4. During this time, Bertha retired to Lorsch Abbey.
  5. Later Lorsch Abbey became an important centre in the middle of the Ried.
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  7. German buildings from this period include Lorsch Abbey.
  8. Two of the villagers donated cropland and vineyards to Lorsch Abbey for their salvation.
  9. This brought him the possession of the " Vogtei " of Lorsch Abbey.
  10. Heuchelheim had its first documentary mention in 772 in a donation document from the Lorsch Abbey.
  11. Rudelsheim had its first documentary mention in 766 in a donation document from the Lorsch Abbey.
  12. In 860 he was at Lorsch Abbey with Count Megingoz to witness a donation of land.
  13. The Lorsch Abbey gatehouse led into a complex the form of which can now only be determined by archaeology.
  14. They are preserved today in only one manuscript, from the Carolingian scriptorium of Lorsch Abbey, discovered in 1753.
  15. The relics of Nazarius and Nabor were transferred by Chrodegang of Metz to his diocese, Nazarius specifically to Lorsch Abbey.
  16. The first documentary record of Leimen is from 791, when both the Lorsch Abbey and the Diocese of Worms owned land there.
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