maarten van rossum造句


  1. The rebels received financial support from mercenaries under Maarten van Rossum in his support.
  2. Charles also employed mercenaries under command of his military commander Maarten van Rossum in their support.
  3. He was a contemporary of Maarten van Rossum and served several years as his right hand.
  4. He finds his castle occupied by Maarten van Rossum and soldiers from Gelre who are using it to collect toll and taxes.
  5. In 1542, Emperor Charles V . His troops were led by Maarten van Rossum, notorious for his pillage of the Campine region.
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  7. During the Guelderian Wars in 1542 Rode was plundered by the Guelder field marshal Maarten van Rossum and burned down, including the parish church.
  8. In 1545 it was burned to the ground by the army of Guelders under Maarten van Rossum, and in later wars it suffered from destruction and looting as well.
  9. The house of Maarten van Rossum, a general serving Duke Charles van Gelre, has been the town hall since 1830 : The satyrs in its Renaissance ornamentation earned it the name " Duivelshuis " ( " devil's house " ).
  10. A daring raid through Holland, culminating in the sack of The Hague by Maarten van Rossum, Field Marshal of Guelders, didn't prevent Schenk van Toutenburg to attack some cities in Guelders, after which Charles of Guelders agreed to sign the Treaty of Gorinchem on October 3, 1528.
  11. Still, the impact on civilians was large, hostilities and incidents occurred throughout the Low Countries and were not restricted to the region of Guelders, climaxing with the sack of The Hague in 1528 and the ( failed ) siege of Antwerp in 1542, under the command of the Guelderian field marshal Maarten van Rossum.


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