maartin allcock造句


  1. Maartin Allcock has produced many Sain albums.
  2. Ric Sanders was invited to join, along with guitarist, composer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist Maartin Allcock.
  3. Columnists include Pierre Bensusan, Maartin Allcock, Doyle Dykes, Chris Gibbons, Simon Mayor, Gordon Giltrap, and Julie Ellison.
  4. "' Maartin Allcock "'( born 5 January 1957 as Martin Allcock ), is a multi-instrumentalist musician and record producer.
  5. Together with Maartin Allcock, Andy Dinan and Troy Donockley, Edmondson founded the band The Bad Shepherds in 2008, performing punk and new wave classics on traditional folk instruments.
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  7. In 2002 Gilmore shared lead vocals with Kellie While, beside musicians Maartin Allcock; John Kirkpatrick, Robbie McIntosh, Michael McGoldrick and Simon Swarbrick in the Reel and Soul Association.
  8. The band, asked to perform a lucrative headlining gig at Finsbury Park in 1991, brought out quite a different side, joined by Maartin Allcock of Fairport Convention and Anthony Thistlethwaite of The Waterboys.
  9. He has produced a series of instructional books and DVDs for the mandolin, and is also a regular columnist for " Acoustic " magazine, along with Martin Taylor, Doyle Dykes, Gordon Giltrap, Maartin Allcock and Julie Ellison.
  10. Ric Sanders, who had played on some tracks on the previous album " Gladys'Leap ", was invited to join Fairport full-time, as was Maartin Allcock; the result, according to Dave Pegg, This new lineup would last for the next eleven years, the most stable of all of Fairport's configurations to that point.


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