magical mask造句

"magical mask"是什麽意思   


  1. Along the way, Link finds many magical masks of his own, some of which allow him to transform.
  2. Actually, Artemis was using a magical mask ( functioning as a mask of disguise ) to appear as the halfling.
  3. City dwellers, not knowing of the magical mask, assumes Big Head is still the same killer whose targets are now high-profile crime lords.
  4. In " the Legacy ", Entreri has once again tracked down Regis, and, using the magical mask taken from Agatha's lair, taken on the appearance of Regis.
  5. She next portrayed a calm yet brave art major in the fantasy-horror TV movie " Knock ", about a magical mask passed down in a shaman family.
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  7. After the battle with the drow, Drizzt questions Regis on his new-found combat abilities, and discovers that the halfling is actually Artemis Entreri, wearing a familiar magical mask.
  8. He shoves his snout into the magical mask, scrambles up a wall to his owner's arms, and pulls keys from the pocket of a jailer who is snoozing.
  9. In the movie " The Mask, " as an ordinary man transformed into a slimy green wizard by a magical mask, Carrey himself was combined with special effects to become a cartoon marvel.
  10. Four friends, named Rick, Ben, Hugo, and Archie, all fascinated by the Big Head murders, feel that their lives are at a dead end, until one of them finds the magical mask by the city pier and brings it home.
  11. He followed this up with another two commercial successes : " The Mask ", in which he played a mild-mannered bank clerk who transformed into a wise-cracking superhero when he puts on a magical mask, and " Dumb and Dumber " where he and Jeff Daniels played a pair of childish men who come into possession of a suitcase full of money.


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