maintenance actions造句


  1. Average reliability improves as the time between maintenance actions is reduced.
  2. If no maintenance action is done quickly on the wearing course, potholes will form.
  3. A good testing program will maintain a record of test results and maintenance actions taken.
  4. Maintenance actions occur during brief periods of down-time only after a fault indicator activates.
  5. Maintenance actions can also be seen as occurring on three levels of interaction within the group.
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  7. On the primary level there are individual actions within the group which can be seen as maintenance actions.
  8. This allows automating any activity in any software application : from copy-pasting spreadsheet data to operating system maintenance actions.
  9. LORA produces a decision for each item within the system, indicating where each maintenance action for the item will be performed.
  10. Maintenance actions are contrasted with Task Actions which are those actions taken to enable the group to complete a specific task or goal.
  11. To be successful, management must recognize " the contribution that craft personnel may provide in the development of plant-specific maintenance actions ."
  12. Many organizations, such as the United States Navy use planned-and preventive-maintenance systems to guide the pumpman in identifying and scheduling required maintenance actions.
  13. The NTSB concluded that the TOWS had not activated because it had an intermittent problem which was not detected or corrected during the aircraft's last maintenance action.
  14. Lewin also sought to explain these maintenance actions within the context of immediate experience of the group participant as opposed to roles associated with a person's individual personality.
  15. Before wet pavement crashes reach unacceptable levels, maintenance actions such as resurfacing or diamond grinding should be taken, even if other pavement distress such as cracking is still low.
  16. The brief Boeing report, which was among 3, 000 pages of exhibits produced for the hearings, contains one-line descriptions of each incident and the corrective maintenance action.
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