mangled remains造句


  1. The couple's mangled remains were discovered quickly upon investigation.
  2. Mangled remains of about a dozen vehicles littered the area.
  3. Police found the mangled remains of the kayak Tuesday.
  4. Mustafa Taher stared with dismay at the mangled remains of his yellow Mercedes taxi.
  5. Huge magnets then plucked up the mangled remains and dumped them into blast furnaces.
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  7. Alama comes back down to check and finds the droid's mangled remains.
  8. There was no fire, however, and after a few minutes Benson climbed from the mangled remains.
  9. He spoke of the difficulty of identifying dead from the burned, severed and mangled remains being brought in.
  10. Across the street, the mangled remains of the aircraft lay near another house that also suffered fire damage.
  11. Police let the public within a half-dozen blocks of the mangled remains of the World Trade Center Sunday.
  12. After the accident, the victims'colleagues burned incense near the mangled remains to pay respect to the dead.
  13. On the narrow one-way street where the explosion took place lay the charred, mangled remains of the car.
  14. Grieving relatives tried to identify the badly mangled remains of their loved ones lying on blocks of ice at makeshift morgues.
  15. It said firemen had to cut five of them from under the mangled remains of the platform they had been standing on.
  16. Meanwhile, investigators and military personnel worked at removing charred and mangled remains of the dead from the site and identifying victims.
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