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  1. In fact, he already had a health checkup, and he was found to be fit for active duty by the Office of Military Manpower Administration.
  2. The scandal surfaced in early May when warrant officer Won Yong-su, 53, an army recruiter assigned to the Military Manpower Administration, was arrested on bribery charges.
  3. During exercises and operations, the role of the RSM is to organize the battalion for movement, and to assist the unit S1 ( manpower officer ) in manpower administration.
  4. Democratic Party member, Ahn Gyu-baek claimed that there had been a twofold increase in draft-dodging during the Lee administration according to data provided by the Military Manpower Administration.
  5. On October 12, 2007, the Seoul Administrative Court decided that Psy must be redrafted, rejecting a lawsuit filed by Psy against the Military Manpower Administration ( MMA ) in August.
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  7. Though he initially enlisted as an ordinary soldier, the Military Manpower Administration transferred him to the military promotion ( " entertainers " ) unit in February 2006, for which he served as " public ambassador of military affairs ".
  8. Traffic in this area tends to be jammed during rush hours as educational institutions, including Jeonnam Medical School, Chosun University, and Chosun College of Nursing; and governmental and public offices such as the Military Manpower Administration and the Dong-gu government office; are clustered around this station.
  9. D . L . Childs, Vice President of Set Theoretic Information Systems ( STIS ) Corporation, provided continuing guidance in the use of Set-Theoretic Data Structure ( STDS ) data access software for MICRO . Funding came from the Office of Manpower Administration within the U . S . Department of Labor.


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