manpower development and training act造句


  1. He also is credited with influencing the passage of the Higher Education Facilities Act, the Manpower Development and Training Act, and the Library Services Act.
  2. Congress responded by enacting the Manpower Development and Training Act of 1961 ( MDTA ), followed by the Vocational Education Act of 1963 ( VEA ).
  3. During the 1950s and 60s the NCLC advocated and contributed to the various bills including the Manpower Development and Training Act, the Economic Opportunity Act and the Vocational Education Act.
  4. Policies like the Manpower Development and Training Act ( MDTA ) of 1962 and the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act ( CETA ) of 1973 had little private sector involvement and governed a system that saw over 40 percent of its participants engaged in subsidized employment.
  5. Nixon, along with the Economic Stabilization act, referenced the Manpower Development and Training act of 1962 to utilize the competence of America's workforce and the Manpower Revenue Sharing Act, to make such manpower training programs accessible to local governments to " administer ".
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  7. Dr . Joseph A . Hill; Professor of Business Administration and Chairman of the ECU Department of Business Administration; Ph . D . University of Florida; six years of study in Mexico; one year of residence in Germany and extensive travel through Europe; publications on Mexican Mutual Funds and the Manpower Development and Training Act.
  8. Nixon stated in a letter that he wrote to Congress for full support of this act " Our tactics for pursuing this objective are twofold : First, to accomplish much needed and long overdue reform of the manpower programs set up under the Manpower Development and Training Act and subsequent legislation and thus increase their effectiveness in enhancing the employability of jobless workers; and, second, to move toward a broader national manpower policy which will be an important adjunct of economic policy in achieving our Nation's economic and social objectives ".


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