manpower development造句

"manpower development"是什麽意思   


  1. Health manpower development programme
  2. Manpower development committee , emb
  3. After the ii world war , economical competition among countries all over the world inevitably leads to competition of manpower development , as a critical element to win
  4. The finman committee was established in june , 2000 , by the government to foster better co - ordination of the efforts between the industry and academia on financial services manpower development
  5. Mr ma praised the finman committee for holding fast to its mission of fostering a co - ordination of efforts between academia and the industry on financial services manpower development since its establishment in 2000
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  7. Lead into the manpower development of advance and economy of capital theoretical major explanation science and technology is away from do not open manpower capital , the important role of manpower capital is other any capitals place can not replace
  8. " this arrangement provides a framework for co - operation in a wide range of ict areas covering broadband and wireless communications , multimedia , e - commerce , e - government , manpower development and measures to bridge the digital divide
    他說: 《合作安排》為多個資訊及通訊科技范疇提供合作框架,包括寬頻及無線通訊、多媒體、電子商貿、電子政府、人力發展,及消除數碼隔膜。
  9. The establishment of the object of manpower development and the use of two sorts of material make it necessary to apply new teaching method , such as , combining action with static study , integrating liberty with restriction and relating teachers to children
  10. He is a member of the manpower development committee , the independent commission on remuneration for members of the executive council and the legislative council of the hksar , the independent commission on remuneration package and post - office arrangements for the chief executive of the hksar , the aviation development advisory committee , and the commission on strategic development : committee on economic development and economic co - operation with the mainland
  11. Her major responsibilities in the emb as principal assistant secretary manpower infrastructure included the development and implementation of a qualifications framework and an associated quality assurance mechanism ; the development of project yi jin and yi jin secondary schools collaboration project ; and serving the manpower development committee
  12. As indicated in the main text of this paper , the main challenges in china ' s enterprise human resources management include inadequate manpower development , more emphasis has been given on the use of personnel , rather than on the development of the personnel ; there is a phenomenon of brain drain in the state owned enterprises . the wages and remuneration system are yet to be rationalized . the assessment of personnel is not justifiable


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