1. " well , i ll come around and maow to - night .
    “那么,我今晚就到你家附近學貓叫。 ”
  2. Any time you see something s up , in the night , just skip right around and maow .
    晚上如有事情,就趕快跑到附近,學聲貓叫就行了。 ”
  3. All you got to do is to trot up hooper street a block and maow - and if i m asleep , you throw some gravel at the window and that ll fetch me .
    你到琥珀街去,過一個街區,并學貓叫。要是我睡著了,就朝窗上扔個小石頭,叫醒我。 ”
  4. The night promised to be a fair one ; so tom went home with the understanding that if a considerable degree of darkness came on , huck was to come and " maow , " whereupon he would slip out and try the keys
  5. Tom s excitement enabled him to keep awake until a pretty late hour , and he had good hopes of hearing huck s " maow , " and of having his treasure to astonish becky and the picnickers with , next day ; but he was disappointed . no signal came that night
  6. It's difficult to find maow in a sentence. 用maow造句挺難的


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