1. Jason Maoz serves as the paper's senior editor.
  2. Maoz Tzur was established on the land of the IDF base in 1998.
  3. "Nobody can overlook this very hard reality, " said Maoz.
  4. Maoz & Abdolali ( 1989 ) extended the research to lesser conflicts than wars.
  5. The falafel at Maoz are gluten-free and prepared fresh for every order.
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  7. Speakers included Ziad AbuZayyad, Menachem Klein, Walid Salem, and Moshe Maoz.
  8. Tal, who was from Kibbutz Maoz Haim in northern Israel, died shortly afterward.
  9. The actor insisted that leading lady Maya Maoz was simply too wimpy for the role.
  10. Maoz, however, said it was not the Israeli bomb that deterred the Egyptians.
  11. Some in the audience thought Giulliani had played his part too enthusiastically and really killed Maoz.
  12. "Now, we're seeing that things have relaxed, " said Maoz.
  13. Maoz based the film on his experience as a young Israeli conscript during the 1982 Lebanon War.
  14. "We hope for peace, " said Maoz at the end of a long day.
  15. At 22 : 25 it started moving toward where it believed the " Maoz " was.
  16. Maoz's comments came amid growing tensions between Israel and the Arabs since Netanyahu was elected in May.
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