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  1. Map Info's flagship product, also called Map Info, is priced at $ 1, 295.
  2. Map Info's flagship product, also called Map Info, is priced at $ 1, 295.
  3. The Google Maps info that we had indicated the new number while all the signage had the old numbering.
  4. RUSSIA-CAUCUSES _ TBLISI, Georgia _ The situation in the unstable Caucuses region . ( Holmes, Cox News Service ) . w / locator map info.
  5. By drawing much of its revenue from selling the basic mapping engine, then giving Map Info's customers a chance to shop around for various sources of data, from specialists in each field, Owen contends that his company's marketing approach will prevail over Strategic Mapping's.
  6. It's difficult to find map info in a sentence. 用map info造句挺難的
  7. At the other big player in desktop mapping, Map Info, Brian D . Owen, president and chief executive, expresses gratitude for the decision by Lotus to include mapping technology in its popular 1-2-3 spreadsheet software-- even if Lotus did choose his rival Strategic Mapping's engine.
  8. For example, Healthdemographics, a San Diego-based software company, produces a Map Info program for providers of managed health care; the data allows users to plot the location of doctors and susbcribers to various health maintenance organizations, to produce a map that highlights geographic gaps in coverage and opportunities for expansion.


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