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  1. amemiya t, sasamnra h, mifune m, et al vascular endothelial growth factor activates map kinase and enhances collagen synthesis in human mesangial cells . kidney int, 1999, 56 : 2055
  2. in eukaryotes, it is very clearly that map kinase ( mitogen-activated protein kinase ) signal transduction pathways are important routes for the channelling of extracellular stimuli to cytoplasm or nucleus
  3. based on epidermal strip bioassay, microinjection, patch-clamp and laser scanning confocal microscopy in the experiments, we provided the first evidence that map kinases, including mek1 / 2 or p38 / hog1, plays an important role i n aba-or sa-induced h2o2 signal initial, amplification and specific targeting in response to stimuli in guard cells . aba-or h2o2-induced vicia faba stomatal closure . was inhibited or reversed by the specific inhibitor pd98059 of mek1 / 2; the guard cells were pre-incubated or-microinjected by 10 umol l-1 pd98059, aba could not enhance the fluorescence intensity of h2o2 probe dichlorofluorescein ( dcf )
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