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  1. to implement a mapping layer between a com object and
  2. move the map layer below the feathered white eye lid layer
  3. often, you don t need a full object relational mapping layer
  4. top level mapping layer between a com object and typedescriptor
  5. your mapping layer carries a good deal of overhead if you don t need a map
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  7. a type-mapping layer that can convert most sql types to most related java types
  8. in animation window duplicate the first frame and move the map layer towards the left
  9. in addition, because there is no reference mapping layer, you must specify the raw jndi name of the remote ejb
  10. spring provides significant support for using the or mapping layer of your choice to create data-access applications
  11. in figure 2, you can see that the client application container provides a reference resolution and mapping layer with jndi
  12. (3 ) use ejb component to implement an archetype system, which can provide the function of displaying maps and operating map layers
  13. spatial ( electronic ) data can then be selected by users ( from an on-screen menu ) to build up required map layers
  14. map layer, graphics edit, database view, database structure operation, information search etc can operate this system . this system have much functions, such as input attributes information,
  15. this flexible and portable programming model abstracts the data access layer using an object to relational mapping layer and the enterprise javabean query language ejb-ql
  16. using hierarchical framework, we divide the parallel vector library into four layers based on spmd parallel computing model : application component layer, abstract data layer, data mapping layer and parallel abstraction layer
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