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  1. The ashtrays were clean, the map light worked, and it was there.
  2. Toyota also included the retractable map light as standard.
  3. The array ends with an overhead map light.
  4. Investigators believe insulation around halogen map lights in the cockpit may have helped spread the fire.
  5. However, the Overhead Travel Information System ( OTIS ), or onboard computer with integrated map lights, was retained.
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  7. However, the Overhead Travel Information System ( OTIS ), an onboard computer with integrated map lights, was retained.
  8. Better air-conditioning, overhead map lights and more comfortably supportive seats soften the Viper's once cruel and unusual interior.
  9. Map lights are aimed at specific passenger positions and allow for reading without glare distraction to the driver.
  10. Broughams featured woodgrain appliqu?on its dash fascia, a dome map light, front-door courtesy lights and 20 oz carpeting.
  11. The U . S . Federal Aviation Administration in March ordered similar map lights on other MD-11s unplugged and inspected.
  12. Mounted in the ceiling is an overhead console with map lights, a digital clock and a built-in case for glasses.
  13. As for standard features, in the center console there was an extendible map light and a flip-top armrest, which provided storage.
  14. This functional console featured much brighter map lights, an outside temperature sensor and compass, and an infrared remote-controlled key-less entry system.
  15. In the process of seeking the map light, he inadvertently switched on the dome light overhead, blinding his wife as she drove.
  16. FAA spokeswoman Rebecca Trexler said the agency is examining the map light issue . " We are drafting an air worthiness directive.
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