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  1. For South India, see : Mappila Songs, Duff Muttu.
  2. The rebellion also spawned a large number of Mappila Songs.
  3. Although it is unique in its nature the songs bore resemblance to Moplah Patts ( Mappila Songs ).
  4. He popularised " Mappilapattu " ( Mappila songs ) by his poems on secular and romantic themes .,
  5. Mappila songs have a distinct cultural identity, as they sound a mix of the ethos and culture of Kerala as well as West Asia.
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  7. "Mappila Paattu " or " Mappila Song " is a folklore Muslim devotional song genre rendered to lyrics in Arabic-laced Malayalam, by Muslims or Mappilas of the Malabar belt of Kerala in south India.
  8. Khmer dance theatre, in the Mappila Songs of the Muslims of Kerala and Lakshadweep, in the Indian operatic tradition of Yakshagana, and in the epic paintings still extant on, for instance, the walls of Thailand's Wat Phra Kaew palace temple.
  9. In a film that gently meanders along touching upon facets of love between a man and a woman, a father and a son, and a grandfather and grandson, the elements are infused with precision . " Dalton L of " Deccan Chronicle " gave the movie 3 / 5 stars, and wrote, " Fusing the conservative with the modern, a virtuous woman happily swaps her purdah for a pair of jeans and a mike, and a traditional mappila song reverberates, powerfully, with a rocking punch . " In her review for " The Hindu ", Nidhi Surendranath stated, " Ustad Hotel " " is a mix of endearing characters and poignant images that hits the audience with warmth and energy . " Anil R . Nair of " The New Indian Express " called " Ustad Hotel " an " appealing film which seems to have got everything simply right especially because of the star cast . " He praised the film's script, direction, cinematography and music.


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