1. Mappilas committed several atrocities against the Hindus during the outbreak.
  2. Mappilas share the common language of Malayalam with the other inhabitants of Kerala.
  3. Muslim Mappilas, Nasranis and Latin Christians have their own unique performing art forms.
  4. Muhammad Shah, to make the Mappilas allies.
  5. Over 92 Mappilas were killed during the uprising.
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  7. In Malabar, the Mappilas may have been the first community to convert to Islam.
  8. They were eulogised later by the Mappilas.
  9. Eventually, Bafaqui Thangal also joined, which spread the acceptance of Muslim League among Mappilas.
  10. In the 4th century, some Christians also migrated from Persia and joined the early Muslim Mappilas.
  11. The recorded history of Mappilas in Vaniyannur starts with construction of Vaniyannur Jumua Masjid in 19th century.
  12. The Mappilas attacked and took control of police stations, British government offices, courts and government treasuries.
  13. In the Mysorean invasion of Kerala, Mappilas gave support to the invading military of Hyder Ali in 1765.
  14. Some time later, the Nambi felt remorse at his deed and decided to make up with the Mappilas.
  15. They form one of the segments of the Tamil Muslim community along with Tamil-speaking Labbais, Rowthers and Mappilas.
  16. Manjeri Hassan, a native Moslem, led an unsuccessful local rebellion of Mappilas against the heavy agricultural tax imposed by Mysore.
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