mappin and webb造句


  1. Other benefactors include John Newton Mappin, of Mappin and Webb.
  2. His designs in metal were created for Mappin and Webb.
  3. After returning to St . Albans, he commissioned the noted British jewelers Mappin and Webb to design a gold trophy for 450 pounds.
  4. "As soon as word got around, people flocked to see him, " said Paul Simons, who works at the Mappin and Webb shop.
  5. On either side of the Baton were two sterling silver coins, designed by Mappin and Webb, which celebrated the City of Manchester as host of the XVII Commonwealth Games.
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  7. In 1851, he became the youngest ever Master Cutler, but after a dispute with his younger brother, he left the firm, which later became part of Mappin and Webb.
  8. A platinum bikini valued at US $ 9500 was made by Mappin and Webb of London in the 1977, and was worn by Miss United Kingdom in that year's Miss World beauty pageant.
  9. Mappin and Webb continues to produce classic silverware and fine jewellery collections, and is a retailer of luxury timepieces in its boutiques, including timepieces from Swiss watch houses Rolex, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Patek Philippe and Omega.


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