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  1. This removed the separate identity of the Mappin Art Gallery.
  2. Weston Park Museum incorporates the Sheffield City Museum and Mappin Art Gallery.
  3. Mike Tooby was the Keeper at the Mappin Art Gallery, Sheffield.
  4. In 1895 the South West gates were erected on Western Bank close to the newly constructed Mappin Art Gallery.
  5. For most of its history the complex was known as the "'Sheffield City Museum and Mappin Art Gallery " '.
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  7. Johnson's work is in the collections of the Arts Council, Mappin Art Gallery, Manchester Art Gallery and Wolverhampton Art Gallery.
  8. In December 1940 the Mappin Art Gallery suffered a direct hit in the Sheffield Blitz, destroying a significant part of the building and damaging much of the rest.
  9. His work has been exhibited in the Serpentine Gallery, Flowers Gallery, Mappin Art Gallery, Whitechapel Art Gallery, Hayward Gallery, Ikon Gallery and Tate Britain,.
  10. During the 1950s and 1960s the museum remained open to the public, whilst the Mappin Art Gallery was left in a partially demolished state after the structure had been made safe.
  11. A keen art collector, Graves donated nearly ?0, 000 towards the development of art galleries in Sheffield, including Sheffield Central Library, the Graves Art Gallery and the Mappin Art Gallery.
  12. Two years later a second touring exhibition was arranged called " Art of the Jagger Family ", which featured sculptures by Charles Sargeant Jagger together with portraits by his brother, Mappin Art Gallery, Sheffield.
  13. He exhibited work at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool, the New English Art Club, the Royal Academy, the Royal Cambrian Academy, the Royal Scottish Academy, Royal Society of British Artists, Sheffield Society of Artists, Mappin Art Gallery in Sheffield, and the English Wood Engraving Society.
  14. Works by Raymond Ray-Jones have been acquired by the British Museum; the Victoria and Albert Museum, South Kensington; Trinity College, Cambridge; Ashmolean Museum, Oxford; Contemporary Art Soc .; City Art Gallery, Manchester; Mappin Art Gallery, Sheffield; Ipswich Art Gallery, etc.
  15. 1994 95  On Memory and Reflection, The Barbican Centre, London, touring to Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter; The Maclaurin Art Gallery, Ayr; Huddersfield Art Gallery; R . H . A Gallagher Gallery, Dublin; Hatton Art Gallery, Newcastle; Mappin Art Gallery, Sheffield; Newport and Bolton Museums
  16. The " Into the Open " exhibition toured in the United Kingdom in 1984, appearing at three venues : the Mappin Art Gallery in Sheffield ( 4 August 9 September 1984 ), the Castle Museum in Nottingham ( 16 September 21 October 1984 ), and the Newcastle Media Workshops in Newcastle-upon-Tyne ( 2 24 November 1984 ).
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