1. Other benefactors include John Newton Mappin, of Mappin and Webb.
  2. Other benefactors include John Newton Mappin, of Mappin and Webb.
  3. Queen Victoria was the first monarch to commission Mappin & Webb.
  4. This removed the separate identity of the Mappin Art Gallery.
  5. His designs in metal were created for Mappin and Webb.
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  7. The University's Sir Frederick Mappin Building is named after him.
  8. Weston Park Museum incorporates the Sheffield City Museum and Mappin Art Gallery.
  9. Mike Tooby was the Keeper at the Mappin Art Gallery, Sheffield.
  10. In the final she defeated Sue Mappin in straight sets.
  11. Gruey's best friend Annie Mappin was played by Casey-Lee Jolleys.
  12. Mappin was a major supporter of the creation of the Sheffield Central Technical School.
  13. Oakbrook is now part of the Frederick Mappin, it is now a private hospital.
  14. With so many problems, Mansur lost interest in the fate of Mesbla and Mappin.
  15. It had previously broadcast from studios on Winsley Street ( Mappin House ) until September 2014.
  16. Special guests attending the celebrity tennis tournament included Mike Read, Victor Ubogu and Sue Mappin.
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