mathematical fallacy造句


  1. Mathematical fallacies exist in many branches of mathematics.
  2. See Mathematical fallacy .  talk ) 12 : 18, 27 March 2013 ( UTC)
  3. A model more similar in style to the modern version was given by Cecil B . Read in his 1933 Mathematical fallacies.
  4. To manipulate expressions containing \ sqrt {-1 } pretending that it's a real numbers has no more validity than the pseudo-proofs of any other Mathematical fallacy and may give contradictory results as well.
  5. The traditional way of presenting a mathematical fallacy is to give an invalid step of deduction mixed in with valid steps, so that the meaning of fallacy is here slightly different from the five colour theorem of graph theory ) . " Pseudaria ", an ancient lost book of false proofs, is attributed to Euclid.
  6. It's difficult to find mathematical fallacy in a sentence. 用mathematical fallacy造句挺難的


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