mathematical formulas造句


  1. First, they use a mathematical formula to compress each file.
  2. Cut-Diamonds are cut according to an exact mathematical formula.
  3. Various mathematical formulas defining the torus are inscribed on the base.
  4. Gross tonnage is a dimensionless index calculated with a mathematical formula.
  5. Net tonnage is a dimensionless index calculated with a mathematical formula.
  6. It's difficult to find mathematical formulas in a sentence. 用mathematical formulas造句挺難的
  7. How, he remembers wondering, would he ever utilize mathematical formulas.
  8. Also, colorful revolving geometric sculptures based on mathematical formulas.
  9. Sampling uses a mathematical formula to account for those who were missed.
  10. It then used mathematical formulas to apply that figure to the nation.
  11. The BCS ranks major-college teams according to a mathematical formula.
  12. TeX provides a different text syntax specifically for mathematical formulas.
  13. The method was also applied to find various mathematical formulas.
  14. But how to make this into an objective mathematical formula?
  15. It isn't wrapped in intimidating mathematical formulas.
  16. You won't find the standard cell grids and mathematical formulas here.
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