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  1. the mathematical formulation of this hypothesis is a persuasive one .
  2. the mathematical formulation of the quantum theory has required the use of imaginary numbers .
  3. these concepts were firmly entrenched in the mathematical formulation of classical mechanics .
  4. the mathematical formulations are more concise and easier to handle if they are properly applied .
  5. the mathematical formulation becomes lengthy and does not appear to offer much advantage over the scheme incorporated in equation(2) .
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  7. the first mathematical formulation was established by von neumann in 1928
  8. the mathematical formulation becomes lengthy and does not appear to offer much advantage over the scheme incorporated in equation ( 2 )
  9. topics include : mathematical formulations; finite difference and finite volume discretizations; finite element discretizations; boundary element discretizations; direct and iterative solution methods
  10. at the same time, as more and more radio sources have been set up, electromagnetic pollution in urban area becomes more serious, which is harmful to people's healthy and communication system so it is necessary to simulate the electromagnetic propagation in urban area by computer being an approximate hf method in evaluating em scattering , the complex ray method ( crm ) is valuable in actual applications , mainly benefited from its simple physical model , convenient mathematical formulation and computational efficiency, especially with the scenes of scattering from complex objects based on the condition mentioned above, a hybrid ray model of the urban area electromagnetic wave propagation prediction was established with the foundation of ray tracing theory and complex ray theory
  11. e there is one-to-one map between the mathematical formulation and circuit realization, and that the method is systematic and suited for designing the network function with zeros and high-order filter . at last, the limitation and applied fields of the methods for realizing one-dimension cwt based on state-space log-domain filter are pointed out, it is also proved by the theoretical analysis and calculation results that the methods are suited for synthesizing the wavelet functions with very small scale or the frequence-transloction version of the mother wavelet ( with much translocation in frequence-domain )
  12. many works on 2d non-linear transient magnetic field coupling with mechanical movement, including theoretically mathematical formulation, algorithm, program and experiment, are mainly researched in this paper with the fem theory, and some valuable results to theory analysis and engineering designing have been gained


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