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  1. Hospital allowance insurance , supplemental major medical expense insurance , critical - illness insurance and so on in the commercial health insurance can play a very good supplement role
  2. The major medical expense insurance can solve the problem of the high medical expenses , the market requirement is huge . now most companies have the health care which is the basic medical protection
  3. The major medical expense insurance is one important kind of the supplemental medical expense insurance . the liability of this insurance is the reasonable and required medical expenses which are above the basic medical insurance payments
  4. Note : other matters that are not stipulated in this plan shall be governed by the ping an ' s one - year fixed insurance clause for the student , ping an ' s additional liability clause for accidental disablity , ping an ' s insurance cluase for additional student ' s accidental injury medical treatment , ping an ' s clause for the additional hopistalization medical treatment of the student and the children and the clause ( b ) for group major medical expenses insurance
    注:未盡事宜以《學生平安一年定期保險條款》 、 《平安意外殘疾附加責任條款》 、 《平安附加學生意外傷害醫療保險條款》 、 《平安附加學生幼兒住院醫療條款》 《團體高額醫療費用保險( b )款》的規定為準。
  5. Though the major medical expense insurance has broad potential markets , it ’ s not used widely in our country . certainly there are many reasons , include the social recognition , the problem of the legal aspect and the lack of the experience and data of medical insurance in commercial insurance company . however , the most important reason is the restriction of technique : medical insurance is different from life insurance , it needs finance , law , technique and medical management as basis to develop new products
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