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  1. Frequency levels of medical exposure from diagnostic x - ray procedure in jiaozuo
  2. Medical exposure refers to the exposure of patients and their helpers to ionizing radiation in the course of diagnosis or treatment
  3. Based on their size and nature , when implementing the provisions of the medical exposure quality assurance plan in paragraph 17 . 1 , health care organizations shall ( 1 ) establish medical exposure quality assurance teams , ( 2 ) assign specialists , or ( 3 ) commission the job to a relevant organization
  4. Article 17 paragraph 17 . 1 in order to improve the quality of radiological diagnosis and treatment and to reduce the radiation exposure received by patients , whenever health care organizations use ( 1 ) radioactive material , ( 2 ) equipment capable of producing ionizing radiation , or ( 3 ) related facilities that the competent authority has announced as requiring a medical exposure quality assurance program , health care organizations shall not use any of them until ( 1 ) a medical exposure quality assurance plan is drawn up based on the standards for medical exposure qualityassurance and ( 2 ) the plan is approved by the competent authority
  5. In recent years , high power laser diode array has been widely applied in many application fields such as pump solid laser , material processing and laser medical exposure , however , because of the bad performance of its output beam , which affects its direct application , thus make it a hot view which people pay much attention on how to transform the beam of the high efficient laser diode array , institutions internal and abroad have been doing much research on the problem
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