1. He does, in tears the whole time, and annihilates the Metarex.
  2. She continues her adventures with the gang, looking for scattered Chaos Emeralds and defeating Metarex.
  3. During the show's climax, Amy jumps to save Sonic from the Metarex's watery planet.
  4. Sonic is kidnapped by the Metarex, plant-based robots, and Amy destroys one to rescue Sonic from drowning again.
  5. In the final season, Eggman returns to his universe and reluctantly joins forces with Sonic and his friends to fight the new menace called the Metarex.
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  7. He emotionally broke down in tears at the conclusion when Cosmo asked him to kill her to defeat the Metarex, but kept one of the seeds she released.
  8. After returning home for the third season, he joins Sonic on the spaceship, " Blue Typhoon ", which is captained by Tails after their planet was invaded by the Metarex.
  9. The heroes find the Chaotix and Shadow, and everyone heads to the center of the universe, where the Metarex are ominously controlling a planet that is made of water and contains a Planet Egg.
  10. After Sonic almost drowns in it, the planet begins turning into a giant seed; the Metarex reveal that, because they have lost the battle, they will destroy the galaxy with this planet.
  11. The final story arc sees the friends return with Chris to their world, where they enter outer space with a newfound plant-like creature named Cosmo and fight an army of creatures called the Metarex.


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