1. Wilson was being taken to the Bay Area to be seen by team doctor Michaal Dillinghgam, said coach George Seifert.
  2. The delay significantly hurt H20's stock . " In terms of credibility and how investors perceived us, it really hurt us, " partner Michaal Tam said.
  3. The Nelson inquiry will be led by retired High Court judge Michaal Morland, who represented the British government in the early 1970s when it was interning Irish Republican Army suspects without trial, a deeply controversial policy that was ultimately abandoned.
  4. "Glitter in Their Eyes, " with backing vocals from Michaal Stipe, and " Persuasion, " highlighted by a sinuous guitar solo from Smith's teenage son Jackson, compare favorably with Smith classics such as " 25th Floor " and " Free Money ."
  5. It's difficult to find michaal in a sentence. 用michaal造句挺難的


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