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  1. Brilliant dancing comes from Michael Arnold, leading the rehearsals as dance captain.
  2. Other band members are bass player Michael Arnold, guitarist Sebastian Wild and drummer Florian Helleken.
  3. "' Michael Arnold "'( born October 1979 ) is a British novelist who writes historical fiction.
  4. That year she received her first role, in the film " Michael Arnold and Doctor Lynn " opposite Robert Z . Leonard.
  5. She is the daughter of healthcare executive Lauren Arnold and artist / architect Michael Arnold, who currently reside in Dubai with Jenna s brother Tom Arnold.
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  7. The guest in the next room, a writer from Nantucket named Michael Arnold, described them as " just guys " who did nothing unusual.
  8. But Deputy Director of Urban Services Michael Arnold warned the provisional council might not have the time to act on the measure if it was not gazetted on Friday.
  9. An Off-Broadway revival directed by Lonny Price and choreographed by Michael Arnold opened on February 10, 1990 at the American Jewish Theatre, where it ran for 435 performances.
  10. Michael Arnold, Ammon Bundy's lawyer, learned of the escalation from a live feed where the remaining holdouts were talking of murder and asking to speak to Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore.
  11. Texas A & M University professor Michael Arnold's hard-bound second edition is twice as big, and better, than his first volume on plants suitable in our landscapes.
  12. Through his lawyer, Michael Arnold of Eugene, Oregon, Ammon Bundy on January 27 urged those remaining at the refuge to stand down and go home, statements that were echoed by his wife.
  13. The production was directed by Harold Prince, with choreography by Michael Arnold, set design by Eugene Lee, costume design by Miguel Angel Huidor, lighting design by Howell Binkley, and hair design by David H . Lawrence.
  14. Many hybrids are little more than evolutionary failures that fade away, said Dr . Michael Arnold, a professor of biology at the University of Georgia and the author of " Natural Hybridization and Evolution " ( 1997 ).
  15. On May 25, Ammon Bundy's defense team filed a " notice of substitution of counsel " in the U . S . District Court for the District of Oregon, replacing attorneys Lissa Casey and Michael Arnold for Utah attorney J . Morgan Philpot.
  16. "Here we come, these little aircraft, flying over the stadium and we don't pay anybody any money, " said Michael Arnold, who owns New York City-based Arnold Aerial Advertising Inc . " Our rates are very low compared to what others are paying to advertise in the stadium ."
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