michael visaroff造句


  1. The film stars Tim McCoy, Dorothy Sebastian, Charles Delaney, George Cowl and Michael Visaroff.
  2. The stowaways are discovered, but the skipper ( Michael Visaroff ) is satisfied when Phelps pays him their fare.
  3. In Vegas, Claude tries to sell the map to another engineer, Joseph Herman Ruehl ( Michael Visaroff ).
  4. The film stars Ken Maynard, Lucile Browne, John St . Polis, Bob Kortman, Michael Visaroff and James A . Marcus.
  5. The cast included Natasha Boleslavsky, George Tobias, Millard Mitchell, Garson Kanin, Marjorie Lytell, Ivan Triesault, Michael Visaroff, Donald Arbury, and Edward Craven.
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  7. Chan is lured to the wax museum on the pretext of sparring over an old case with Dr . Otto Von Brom ( Michael Visaroff ) on a radio broadcast arranged by Cream.


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